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Aclara Corporate Office


Focused on creating emerging technologies and growing market share through strategic partnerships, real estate concerns were not necessarily at the forefront of Aclara’s agenda. Now, investing in a major relocation, Aclara needed an intense rebranding effort to increase their visibility and carry the company into the next evolution of its business model.


Aclara chose to relocate to the revitalized Westport Plaza campus utilizing three floors of an existing building. The entire lab and testing component of their business was rebuilt, requiring intense collaboration with the design team, contractors, local entities and service providers for design and implementation. The result is a cutting-edge space that accommodates Aclara’s unique needs.

The design of the new workspace is a drastic change from their former headquarters, which had large outbound offices, tall oversized workstations and dated or non-existent technology. The new workplace allows for collaborative benching workstations, right-sized inbound glass front offices, and a host of activity based workspaces equipped with modern technology and furniture that promote collaborative work styles.