Capes Sokol Law Firm


Like many corporate service firms, Capes Sokol wanted a workspace that would attract new talent and retain award-winning staff. In addition, the growing law firm needed a fiscally responsible space to welcome and entertain clients. Unfortunately, their previous space did not support these goals and provided little ability for future growth. With limitations and a looming lease expiration, Capes Sokol chose to relocate and collaborate with Lawrence Group to plan for the future.


Lawrence Group created a forward-thinking showpiece for Capes Sokol that maximizes collaborative opportunities. An informal cafe and touch down spaces offset formal, client-facing conference rooms, fostering social interaction between employees.

Glass partitions on exterior and interior office spaces increase daylight and bring the firm’s focus on transparency to life. Strategically planned and standardized personal office spaces create flexibility for the firm, accommodating future growth across multiple practice areas and employee levels with minimal reconfiguration. In addition, advanced technology, a dynamic café and high-end conference center offer the perfect backdrop for client events and attracting top tier talent.