Dunn Library at Simpson College

After sixty years of faithful service to Simpson College students and faculty, Richard Neutra’s masterpiece of modern architecture was reaching the end of its servicable life. Degraded building features, including a leaking roof and obsolete building systems, required extensive maintenance while dragging on the university’s budget. Seeking to amend these issues while adapting to the demands of the 21st century library, Simpson College turned to Lawrence Group to develop a new future for the historic building.

The updated design preserves significant pieces of Neutra’s design while modernizing the building with new mechanical systems. Reimagined student spaces introduce new finishes, lighting, and furniture to Dunn Library, while keeping the spatial experience of Neutra’s original design.

The restored Dunn Library at Simpson College enhances student success through modern gathering and study spaces, technological amenities, and other quality of life improvements. In addition, the methodical care taken in the design and construction of the project will preserve Neutra’s iconic design for decades to come.