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None of the Above

None of the Above is an ornate speakeasy located deep beneath City Foundry STL. Formerly a flooded industrial basement, the space was transformed into an intimate hospitality environment through painstaking restoration.

Immediately upon arrival, guests are taken on a journey through City Foundry’s industrial roots. Visitors are met with an elaborate series of switchboards that function as the speakeasy’s secret door. Once admitted, patrons follow a series of winding tunnels before arriving at the bar proper. These are among the many experiential design features incorporated throughout the space; existing elements such as the switchboard door and preserved graffiti were used to create a unique harmony between old and new.

Keeping with the speakeasy theming, the decor harkens to an intimate 1920’s aesthetic. Lawrence Group incorporated a selection of found objects throughout the space to further enhance the warm atmosphere; a unique accent table, vintage light fixtures, and historic photography provide a unique character to the space. A secret doorway reveals additional seating within a private library, including exposed pipes that run throughout the entire ceiling of the room.

Leveraging the power of design, None of the Above creates unique experiences for every patron it serves.