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Peace Haven


For over 10 years, Peace Haven, a Christian Science community in St. Louis County and Lawrence Group have worked in an effort to upgrade their campus. The many rounds of study have included renovation and addition in an effort to keep the community occupied while still rebuilding on the same site.


In 2018, renovation was excluded from the plan. Instead, Lawrence Group assisted Peace Haven in finding a temporary licensed home for them to occupy under the unique care practiced while the existing building was demolished, and a new building was built. Construction began October 1, 2019. The new building includes 42 licensed beds for care of the elderly, a Christian Science nursing school, a bible research center, main dining and smaller dining venues, arts and crafts, a chapel for 120, offices, meeting rooms and other support including a commercial kitchen. The environment is very important to this client so several different outdoor venues were included, such as a rooftop garden, enclosed courtyard and open walking paths.