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SEMO Academic Hall


Academic Hall has served as an icon for Southeast Missouri State University for more than 100 years. A comprehensive programming and feasibility study concluded that the only way to achieve the University’s goals was to completely renovate the building. The renovation of Academic Hall strove to achieve three primary goals: replace failing infrastructure, enhance the student experience and honor history while preparing for the future.


Lawrence Group was able to control costs throughout the design process, resulting in the project bidding 10% under budget. Our ability to predict construction costs allowed the university to accept a construction alternate to fit out the Academic Hall’s historic dome and make it a feature space in the building.

The complete $18 million renovation and restoration included an existing space analysis and needs assessment, interior programming, complete systems replacement and building envelope upgrades, all coupled with rigorous historic preservation considerations. The building now houses the offices of admissions, administration, student services, career counseling, a 1200-seat auditorium and classrooms.