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Stifel World Headquarters


In Stifel’s existing location in downtown St. Louis, the public spaces of the building and Stifel’s own office space looked dated. The lighting and finishes were dark and uninteresting. After purchasing the building, Stifel invested in renovating it to create a world-class headquarters, to redefine its brand locally and nationally and to attract and retain the best talent.


What started out as a smaller lobby renovation expanded to create a much grander space, while incorporating state-of-the-art technology, lighting and quality finishes of stone, glass and wood. This same aesthetic inspired the re-design of the four-story atrium/work cafe on the second floor and the executive offices and conference center on the twelfth floor. The recently completed renovation of subsequent floors provides several open work areas as well as collaborative areas and focus rooms. Exterior enhancements included a prominent sculpture and improved lighting, signage and landscape.