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Tend is a new entry to the dental market, focusing on the customer experience with a sensitivity to acoustics, lighting, wait times and customer amenities unique to the dental realm. The brand plans to expand aggressively throughout the U.S. market, and Lawrence Group is working to develop this brand and experience across multiple geographic markets. Each location is approximately 3,000 square feet with the traditional mix of exam rooms and support spaces, as well as a new layer of customer amenities to elevate the experience and address the shortcomings of the traditional dental office.


Lawrence Group is currently developing the roll out package and architectural kit of parts for multiple locations throughout New York with plans for greater expansion. We collaborated with a number of dental consultants focusing on ergonomics and customer comfort to develop new millwork details and standards, new lighting sensibilities and controls, and to create numerous custom elements that expand the idea of the dentist from a biannual visit to an experience and culture of oral hygiene.