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Warby Parker

Warby Parker was founded on the principal that buying glasses should be easy and fun. By circumventing traditional channels in the industry, Warby Parker has become an innovator in the eyewear industry by designing fashionable glasses in-house and engaging their customers directly.

Lawrence Group has helped develop national brand standards for Warby Parker’s store layout, display, and functions to be integrated into a national roll out strategy. To elevate these stores on a relatively modest budget, unique themes are developed such as a game theme, writer’s block, Miami pool side, and green screen studio nooks. These unique stores provide a source for marketing and public relations opportunities while also allowing Warby Parker to test out new ideas.

Lawrence Group has designed location-specific custom spaces for Warby Parker which often involve collaborations with the company’s branding consultant. The stores have typically required significant modifications to existing buildings, and the spaces are designed to evoke the culture and energy of the store’s local environment. Past stores have included a workshare space with a non-profit educational group, collaborations with local artists for murals and custom art pieces, soda bars, and a custom walnut and brass clock.