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Salmon Fillets and Clay Bowls Oh My

by Chelsea C.


Now I know that designers and fans alike get excited about the color of the year announcements from their various color institutions. I am no different, I love to see what the taste-makers think is the hot new thing. As we’ve talked about before, the “colors of the year” announcements generally are in design but eventually work their way into all facets of mainstream design. Sherwin Williams has just introduced their color of the year 2019, and it’s a little hue called “Cavern Clay” . . . and I am not a fan. I might even say that I hate it. I know, strong words for some pigment squirted in a can.

When I first saw Cavern Clay, all I saw was end of summer sun-burned skin . . . that fleshy peachy tone that really is flattering on very few people. It’s reminiscent of those memes of people wearing skin colored jeggings, not a good look. Possibly, it’s more of that southwestern, Tuscan feel, but I just can’t see through the almost orange, not quite there, shade. Sherwin Williams coins it as: “Forged by sun. Fired by desert . . . . Ancient, yet fully alive. Bohemian, yet totally refined.” A little Google search with the color found me in the land of clay bowls and salmon fillets, all tones that Google Image thought I would like from searching Cavern Clay.

I will admit that as we wind down the summer season, I am as basic as the next person awaiting all the fall colors. Autumn tones start to magically work their way into our palettes without us even realizing it. We start to work some of those burnt oranges and dusky red hues into our scarves and boots attire, wishing the season in with our wardrobe. I guess I could paint my whole house (or worse yet a client’s space) with this tone to really surround myself in the autumn glow, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I generally try to see the positive in authoring blog posts, and I try to write from a warm happy place in my little journaling heart. However, one thing that I know my clients and colleagues appreciate is that I don’t pull any punches. Yes, I could have wrote some flowery, paint pun filled article and put a positive spin on this color, but that would not be my true opinion. Regardless of what I think, good, bad or very ugly, I’ll always be honest.

As a designer and a consumer, I do understand the trend of warm natural wood tones and soft handed leather furnishings. Any person who turns on the TV or shops at your local Target can’t help but see the southwestern influence in residential design and décor. I do admit that the tribal vibes of Cavern Clay are very on trend with the raw woods and exposed edges of many deconstructed pieces you see in the mainstream retail market. Is Joanna Gaines like Beetlejuice? If I say her name three times, will shiplap appear? Here’s hoping.

So, apologies to Sherwin Williams for not jumping on board, maybe next year. The glory of paint is that there are so many other shades in their rainbow to pick from. For 2019, I think I’ll stick with one of my other go-tos. Who knows, maybe as the year goes on I’ll warm up to it, like a sunburn . . . . see what I did there?