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BDNY 2019 Review: 10 Products We Loved

by thelawrencegp

As we look ahead to 2020, it’s always fun to take a moment to look back on 2019 and all the fun things we picked up along the way. Here are 10 amazing products and vendors we had the opportunity to experience at BDNY last November, from tried and true to exciting and new.

Tried & True

We loved getting the opportunity to catch up with some of the vendors we’ve worked with in the past. Here are five tried and true products you can find in some of our hospitality projects.

1. Modern Lantern

Don’t want cords running across the floor, or don’t have easily accessible outlet? No problem, Modern Lantern has some of the most beautiful cordless lighting solutions. IN OUR PROJECT: These mini table lamps were the perfect solution to add to the ambiance of the Chameleon Lounge at the Angad Arts Hotel.

Angad Arts Hotel – Modern Lantern Table Lamps


2. Charter Furniture

From lounge furniture to dining chairs, Charter is a great go-to for all your seating needs with beautifully made pieces in a wide variety of styles. IN OUR PROJECT: Modern oversized dining chairs added an element of luxury to this community table at The Train Shed.

The Train Shed – Charter Dining Chairs


3. Table Designs

Customization is key in hospitality design. The possibilities are almost endless with handcrafted tables from Table Designs. IN OUR PROJECT: Incorporating pattern into the tabletops added a fun twist to the colorful and playful design at 1894 Café.

1894 Cafe – Table Designs Handcrafted Tables


4. Polart

Polart’s exaggerated and whimsical furniture pieces are a beautiful and unique option to add a little extra interest to a space. IN OUR PROJECT: These purple and gold dome chairs were the perfect fit in the Playroom at the Angad Arts Hotel.

Angad Arts Hotel – Polart Dome Chairs


5. Studio Twist

There is nothing better than a cozy throw blanket. Studio Twist makes luxury blankets and bed scarves that are as functional as they are beautiful. IN OUR PROJECT: Custom colored blankets to match each room’s unique color palette added something extra to the guest rooms at the Angad Arts Hotel.


Angad Arts Hotel – Studio Twist Colored Blanket


Exciting & New

We always have an eye out for inspiring and innovative products. Here are five exciting and new products that we can’t wait to use on our next projects.

1. Jaclo

With a wide selection of vibrant finish options, Jaclo’s bathroom fixtures are an exciting find that can add a fun pop of color to any project.

Jaclo – BDNY Display


2. Naturalist

Incorporating nature into a project continues to be a high priority for many designers. Naturalist’s beautiful wall gardens and unique live edge wood tables and furniture pieces are a great way to bring the outside in.

Naturalist – BDNY Display


3. Farmshelf

Farmshelf’s “indoor farms” are a sleek and beautiful way for restaurants to grow fresh produce in their own space.

Farmshelf- BDNY Display


4. Northern Wide Plank

With planks up to 94” in length, Northern Wide Plank’s hardwood floors can certainly make a statement in any space.

Northern Wide Plank – BDNY Display


5. Forbes and Lomax

Nobody said light switches couldn’t be both functional and beautiful. Forbes ad Lomax’s “invisible switches” can add a sophisticated touch to any project.

Photo source: forbesandlomax.com


With so many great finds in 2019, we are so excited to see what 2020 brings!