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Lawrence Group Creates None of the Above, Speakeasy-Style Bar in Tunnels Beneath Historic City Foundry STL

by Lawrence Group

You may not need a secret password or knock to get in, but once you’ve entered City Foundry STL’s newest cocktail lounge, “None of the Above”, you’ll swear you traveled back in time to a prohibition-era speakeasy.

Image of None of the Above library

The Library at None of the Above

Lawrence Group, partnered with general contractor Integrate Construction Partners (Integrate), were challenged with transforming the dark and dingy tunnels beneath City Foundry STL into an upscale speakeasy-style bar complete with a hidden room, moody décor, and dimly lit passageways.

City Foundry STL is a transformative “live, work, play” community featuring a food hall, movie theater, shops and more located in St. Louis’ growing midtown neighborhood. The site’s $217 million redevelopment of former Century Foundry is one of the largest historic redevelopments in St. Louis history. Integrate has worked on several key projects at City Foundry including the Alamo Drafthouse, Sandbox VR and kitchens within the food hall.

Developed and owned by New + Found, None of the Above officially opened to the public on Dec. 14, 2023. The 1,586 sq. ft. space features a full bar; table seating for 80 people; and custom finishes such as dark wood appointments with brass and jewel-toned accents; Art Deco flourishes; built-in velvet booths; dark, mirror-accented walls; and a 10-seat, custom-made wooden bar. A hidden back room for private parties, known as The Library, is located behind a gold-framed mirror and features additional seating and a faux fireplace.

True to the nature of its design, patrons access the bar through an unassuming gray steel door on the outside of the building, lighted by a single red light above it. Upon entering, visitors are met with another door disguised as an electrical panel that opens to a staircase down to the Foundry’s original concrete tunnels. Behind one last door visitors find the dimly lit cocktail lounge.

“The design goal was to create a warm, intimate atmosphere that was a departure from the heavy industrial influences of the City Foundry complex or development. While there are some elements that still speak to the industrial roots of the space – electrical panel entry sequence, concrete floors, and exposed pipes in the private library – as soon as you pass through the door at the end of the corridor you are met with more traditional finishes and furniture selections that truly transport you into a different time and place,” said Lawrence Group Associate Interior Designer Taylor Bradley. “Our team also wanted to be sure to incorporate a selection of found objects through a unique accent table, light fixtures and accessories to add to the unique experience. We are so excited for St. Louis to finally get to experience everything None of the Above has to offer.”

For more information on the project’s design, visit here.

None of the Above is located at 3730 Foundry Way. For more information about City Foundry STL, visit cityfoundrystl.com.