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Welcome Hannah O’Keefe, Market Research & Data Analyst

by Lawrence Group

Lawrence Group announces the hiring of Hannah O’Keefe as its new Market Research & Data Analyst.

O’Keefe will utilize her research expertise to organize and analyze project/client data amassed throughout Lawrence Group’s 40+ year history to propel the firm’s growth and aid its marketing team.

“Hannah will be instrumental in transforming Lawrence Group’s raw data into useful information that will not only help us tell our own story better but will also enable us to nuance it to become genuinely meaningful to our targeted audiences. We look forward to Hannah contributing to our future growth in many significant ways and intend to help her continue to evolve in her career journey,” said Lawrence Group Enterprise Director of Marketing/Associate Principal, Rommel Medrano.

O’Keefe has more than five years of experience analyzing market trends, evaluating competition, and providing actionable recommendations across multiple industries. Her skills in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, SPSS, GIS and Qualtrics have made her proficient in communication and presentation, project management and team building, data analysis and reporting, and client management and strategic thinking.

“We are ready to leverage her research expertise to help ALL our teams thrive,” said Medrano.

Prior to Lawrence Group, she was a Market Research & Strategic Consultant for global strategic brand and marketing consultancy firm The Value Engineers where she performed project management qualitative and quantitative research studies and developed strategic solutions to drive business growth.

O’Keefe has a Master of Public Administration from Missouri State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Kansas.